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Microsoft Windows applications can create PDF Documents from within the application by printing.

To print to the PDF Document Writer

1.  Open the document or file that you want to print to .pdf format, and then click Print. In most programs, the print option is available from the File menu.

2.  In the Print dialog box, select Rogosoft PDF Document Writer.

3.  To view the document using the PDF viewer after you print it, click Preferences, click the Page tab, and then make sure that the Automatically open PDF documents check box is selected.

4.  Print the document or file.

5.  When prompted, enter a file name and browse to the location where you want to save the .pdf file. Windows will save .pdf files in your Documents folder by default.

After printing to the .pdf file format, you can view a PDF document by browsing to it and opening it. You can print a paper copy, share the PDF document, or send it to a commercial printer or other people in any way that you prefer.