Advanced Options
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PDF Security

To help prevent security problems, you can set a password on a PDF document before you send or share it. The password identifies the reader or owner of the PDF document and helps warn anyone who views it if the document was modified after it was password-protected. You can also determine whether the document can be modified or printed by applying PDF permissions before sharing the document.


To address advanced user's special needs for graphics, the Graphics tab lists several options as below.


To embed fonts, you can click the Font tab and select the fonts to embed, not to embed. Embedding all fonts can make your PDF document present the look and feel of your original document.


The Profile tab provides the solution to convert documents to Adobe PDF's with all graphics in CMYK color space. You are required to choose a CMYK ICC Profile to map device-dependent colors to CMYK colors. RGB and sRGB color spaces are also supported as the alternatives.


This option is used for integration of Rogosoft PDF Document Writer with partner's own applications. The integration guide is available upon request.