Quick Menu

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The first item in the quick menu is Hide Slider or Show Slider. If the main window is already shown, this item must be Hide Slider; if the main window is not shown (e.g. you left-click the icon in the notification area on your task bar to invoke the quick menu), this item must be Show Slider. Hide or Show depends on the status of the main window. In any event this option allows you to show or hide the slider bar along with the main window.




Restore Brightness

If you have ever enabled Reduce brightness level to L after Q minutes of idle, and now you might revert the brightness level back to the previous one with the aid of this menu item.


Min Brightness

Dim your screen brightness to the lowest, which is presented as Level 0.

Max Brightness

Raise your screen brightness to the highest, which is the maximum brightness allowed by your display device.


Turn Off Monitor

Put your monitor into the sleep state. In this state, you can click any key on your keyboard or move your mouse to turn on your monitor again.



Show copyright information and your license information.



Quit the software.