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Adjust Laptop Brightness is a small system-tray application to control the screen brightness on your laptop, notebook, netbook, or ultrabook. It helps you to save your battery and your eyes as well as the back light of your monitor. The major features include,



· Change brightness at anytime and adjust brightness to the most comfortable level

· Show current brightness level in the notification area of the taskbar

· Adjust brightness on top of taskbar icon

· Turn off monitor to save battery when display is not needed
· Dim your screen brightness to the lowest
· Raise your screen brightness to the highest

· Calibrate monitor brightness on system startup

· Fade the brightness slider after a few seconds

· Reduce brightness level on system idle

· Support LCD, LED, backlight LED monitor
· Native look and feel interface and icon

· Small in size and consume very few resources

· No hardware OSD required

· No harm done to your laptop screen, monitor, or any other type of display devices