Contrast and Brightness

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When Brightness Levels of your Laptop Screen cannot be identified by the Adjust Laptop Brightness software, the contrast will be adjusted in stead of the brightness. The solution is to go to the vendor of your display adapter, download and install the proper device driver for your display adapter. After installing the device driver, Brightness Levels can be identified by the Adjust Laptop Brightness software. You will be able to adjust brightness levels rather than contrast levels.



The following shows the mainstream vendors,




Click Support->Download Drivers->Select your Product Type, Series, Operating System, Language->Search->Download




Click Support & Drivers->Select your Component Category, Product Line, Product Model, Operating System->View Results->Download

Or you can click Support & Drivers->Download AMD's Driver AutoDetect Tool to help you find the proper drivers for your display adapter




Click Support->Select Product Family, Product Line, Product Model->Search