Apple Mac devices

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Apple offers laptops such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the desktop computer, iMac.


The Adjust Laptop Brightness software supports Apple laptops and iMac. If you find the software does not work properly, please check if your copy of Microsoft Windows is properly installed with Apple's BootCamp utility.


BootCamp utility is a program in the Applications->Utilities folder in Mac OS X. Every Apple user is suggested by Apple to install Microsoft Windows in a partition other than the partition of one's Mac OS X operating system. BootCamp also helps users install all the device drivers for your Apple computer running Microsoft Windows.


It is not recommended that an Apple user uses 3rd-party partitioning software or utility to install Microsoft Windows in a certain partition on one's Apple computer, simply because most device drivers would not be properly installed.


If you have not followed Apple's suggestions on installing Microsoft Windows with BootCamp, you would probably need to install Microsoft Windows again with the aid of BootCamp or contact Apple for help.


NOTE: For some new apple computers, the Mac OS X compact disc and BootCamp compact disc have been combined into one DVD.